The Cape Cod and Islands Major Crisis Relief Fund (MCRF) is a nonprofit disaster response organization that provides humanitarian aid to local individuals and families. Addressing critical, long-term needs that are unmet by traditional forms of private and public disaster aid, we fill existing gaps in preparing for and responding to natural disasters, such as blizzards and hurricanes, and man-made crises such as health epidemics and terrorism. Our services include financial aid for food, housing, transportation, and medical/mental healthcare.

We need your help!  Because when it comes to the next major crisis, it is a matter of when, not if.  Use the buttons below if you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or if you believe you are eligible for aid.





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The Challenge

The creation for the MCRF was based on a thorough needs assessment and concern about the mounting incidents of local and global crises. On the Cape and Islands, we have experienced fierce hurricanes, epic winter storms, significant beach erosion, huge brush fires, and more.  Recent outbreaks of Ebola and the Zika Virus have been well-documented, and the fear of terrorism is unfortunately ever-present.  And now, it has been declared that New England is at increased risk for a major earthquake.  Unfortunately, when it comes to the next major crisis, we believe it is a question of when, not if.

The Solution

Our Fund primarily focuses on providing assistance following a major crisis. This may be in the form of financial aid for food, housing, transportation, medical and mental health services, child care, and other services to those in greatest need. As deemed appropriate, we may also provide equipment, counseling, and assistance with insurance.


“We have the great good fortune to live in an island paradise connected by three bridges to the mainland. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, we are at the mercy of those three bridges for both rescue efforts and evacuation. None of us can afford to wait until we are in the midst of a crisis to start planning for how we recover. Our hope is that the MCRF is not only  a good insurance policy but also an ounce of prevention that we hope our area will not need any time soon. Disaster seeks the unprepared.” – Tony Shepley | President, Shepley Wood Products